Home Application Template

  1. Face Page and Outline:  An application template will be provided to programs that submit a letter of intent and are deemed eligible to apply.
  2. Narrative: Applications must be submitted electronically as Word or PDF files. The narrative section is limited to a maximum of 20 pages,and should be formatted as follows:  written in Word, single spaced, with double spacing between paragraphs, minimum of 11-pt. Arial font, minimum of one-inch margins, and pagination. Although it is not a requirement, it is helpful to reviewers if programs use the structural outline of PCSAS accreditation criteria to organize the narrative description of their programs.
  3. Appendices:(See accreditation criteria.) Data for at least the last ten years must be provided to document the applicant program’s performance in relation to all of the various PCSAS criteria.
  4. Application fees and dues:
    • Application Fee: $10,000**
    • Annual Dues: $2,000

      **Accreditation normally is for a ten-year period; this fee applies at the time of initial application and again at the time of application for renewal.