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The following 21 Doctoral Programs in Clinical Psychology have been accredited by PCSAS for a period of up to 10 years:


11-12-2009University of Illinois--UC
05-26-2010University of Arizona
05-26-2010Washington University in St. Louis
12-04-2010         McGill University
12-04-2010         Stony Brook University
University of Kentucky
12-04-2010         University of Southern California
05-25-2011     Northwestern University
05-25-2011     University of Missouri
05-25-2011     University of South Florida
12-10-2011     Arizona State University 
12-10-2011     University of Delaware 
12-10-2011     University of Iowa
05-23-2012     Harvard University
12-15-2012     University of Pennsylvania
12-15-2012     University of California, Los Angeles
05-21-2013     University of California, Berkeley
05-21-2013     University of Minnesota
05-21-2013     University of Oregon
05-21-2013     University of Pittsburgh
05-21-2013     University of Virginia

Programs Currently Under Review:  Duke University, Emory University, University of Wisconsin

In addition, the clinical science programs at Indiana University, University of Georgia, University of Illinois--Chicago, and University of Toronto have submitted Letters of Intent and have been deemed eligible to apply. 

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