Accredited Programs

The following identifies the 35 clinical science Ph.D. programs currently accredited by PCSAS, listed in the order of their  dates decisions. All of these programs are of exceptionally high quality, as judged by PCSAS’s standards. PCSAS requires all accredited programs to publish their admission and outcomes data on their websites. Links to both the clinical science programs and these data are provided here:

Program/UniversityReview DateDecision
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Arizona05-26-2010Accredit
Washington University in St. Louis05-26-2010Accredit
McGill University12-04-2010Accredit
Stony Brook University12-04-2010Accredit
University of Kentucky12-04-2010Accredit
University of Southern California12-04-2010Accredit
Northwestern University (Psychology)05-25-2011Accredit
University of Missouri05-25-2011Accredit,%20Outcomes,%20and%20Other%20Data%20F15%20.pdf
University of South Florida05-25-2011Accredit
Arizona State University05-25-2011Accredit
University of Delaware05-25-2011Accredit
University of Iowa05-25-2011Accredit
Harvard University05-23-2012Accredit
University of Pennsylvania12-15-2012Accredit
University of California, Los Angeles12-15-2012Accredit
University of California, Berkeley05-21-2013Accredit
University of Minnesota05-21-2013Accredit
University of Oregon05-21-2013Accredit
University of Pittsburgh05-21-2013Accredit
University of Virginia (Psychology)05-21-2013Accredit
University of Wisconsin-Madison05-20-2014Accredit
Duke University05-20-2014Accredit
Emory University05-20-2014Accredit
University of Georgia12-09-2014Accredit
Indiana University05-19-2015Accredit
The Ohio State University05-19-2015Accredit
Virginia Tech05-19-2015Accredit
Temple University12-04-2015Accredit
Rutgers University (Ph.D.)05-25-2016Accredit
Penn State University (Psychology)01-27-2017Accredit
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill01-27-2017Accredit
University of Maryland05-24-2017Accredit
University of Buffalo05-24-2017Accredit
Boston University05-24-2017Accredit

In addition, the following clinical science programs have submitted Letters of Intent to apply for PCSAS accreditation, and have been deemed eligible: Purdue University; University of Illinois at Chicago; University of Texas–Austin; University of Toronto; Vanderbilt University; University of Washington; Michigan State University; Oklahoma State University.